Midsomer Murders Drinking Game

Ah, the weekend. You know there’s nothing you want to do more than curl up on the couch with some wine (or a few pints of bitter) and binge shows on Netflix. And one of the best shows for binging has to be Midsomer Murders. With nearly 20 years’ worth of feature film-length episodes, Midsomer Murders offers hours upon… Continue reading Midsomer Murders Drinking Game

Vodka, Puke, and A Drunk in A Tub

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels came out on video when I was 21. I remember it because I had just moved out of my parents’ house into a duplex with my first roommates, Lauren and Tina*. One Friday night during the six long months that I lived with them and dealt with their leaving… Continue reading Vodka, Puke, and A Drunk in A Tub


Welsh crime drama Hinterland is one of the best things I’ve ever seen, on TV or elsewhere. I found it (on Netflix Instant) when I was having a mild existential crisis on a Thursday night, and it proved to be the perfect remedy. Spending time in this quiet part of Wales is much better than staring… Continue reading Hinterland


I’ll never understand how comedy gets made. How can actors keep a straight face and remember their lines when there’s a dude standing in front of them saying “And now, French salute: ploon, ploon, ploon,” while making weird hand motions? But maybe everyone isn’t like me. Anyone who participated in the making of our 10th… Continue reading Hyperdrive

Girl Music is from Jupiter

This post was completely inspired by 30 seconds of an episode of The Mindy Project. I love this show. It’s a romantic comedy, with recurring battles of the sexes between Mindy and her personal Mark Darcy, Danny Castellano. Mindy and Danny often play out various gender clichés. Clichés are funny, but they’re also kind of… Continue reading Girl Music is from Jupiter

I Love this Movie: Seven Psychopaths

This movie is like Martin McDonagh scooped a bunch of stuff out of my head and made it into the most entertaining thing just for me. It’s the greatest thing since—not sliced bread, because I think sliced bread is kind of overrated; I mean, how lazy are people?—could it be the greatest thing since cheese?… Continue reading I Love this Movie: Seven Psychopaths